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Natural Systems Analysts, Inc. — A U.S. SBA Small Business.  Offices Orlando, FL & Dubois, WY

Natural Systems Analysts GIS Services - FL Gas Transmission Project

Geographic Information Systems Consulting Services

NSA has provided GIS services since PC ARC/INFO was introduced in the late 1980s. NSA staff is proficient with all ESRI software products including workstation ARC/INFO®, ArcIMS®, ArcGIS®, and other ArcGIS-based GIS software. NSA received the ArcCAD Dealer of the Year Award from ESRI, the Best Training Facility award, Dealer of the Year Award, Reseller of the Year, ArcView Dealer of the Year, and NSA has also received a High Achievement Award from ESRI. These awards are based on sales and the quality of service to customers.

NSA has completed over 500 mapping projects for private and public clients, including mapping parcel data, roadways, contours, land use features, soils data, wetland boundaries, and determination of land acquisition suitability criteria. NSA also mapped international rural settlement areas in El Salvador, Central America, utilizing community infrastructure and natural features. Parcels and large land holdings were mapped using AutoCAD and ARC/INFO. NSA also assisted the Florida Gas Transmission Company in developing a GIS mapping system for their entire 5000-mile natural gas pipeline system from Texas to Miami, Florida using ArcMap GIS software.

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